The Three Headed Man and his Chimera Orchestra

Not long ago, the Three Heads (the three figures of human destiny) wanted to play a chess game against the Mechanical Turk: this automaton from the fairground world, built by the metronome's inventor, is a chess player, a tricky one. The Mechanical Turk has won and gives as a pledge to these three Heads to be present, "feet on the Growned", with their creatures, to share the daily life of men wherever it stands, at any hour of the day, only for the time of a wandering...

What we cannot or do not want to see with our own eyes, this puppet body will have fun with. Merchant of oblivion, king of the carnival, madman escaped from the checkerboard, the three-headed puppet and three musician monkeys compose this greedy procession.

This parade presents a giant puppet with three moving heads, followed by manipulators, a performer, an actor, and his musicians: the Chimera Orchestra.


The audience is a true part of the puppet's adventures: spectators are invited to discover this dreamlike and curious world, and become the essential actors to make it live and evolve.

The public space, its history, its anecdotes but also its many encounters, become the setting for a singular, poetic and festive story.

The course of the show adapts and rewrites itself in each place. Improvisations and canevas (written scenes) appear and vanish throughout the course and are supported by original musics composed for the show.

This modular show is technically autonomous and is performed day and night.